The accommodation for your cat has been built to F.A.B (feline advisory bureau) standards. Each chalet is fully insulated and has a window for the cats to look out,and let natural daylight in, each one also has a cat flap so the cats can come and go as they please.

Every chalet is equipped with a heated bed with cosy fleece bedding for them to snuggle up in, all the chalets have access to their own outside run each of which has a sun-shelf for the cat to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The UV roofing  to the runs  will keep your cat cool in the summer but will hold the heat of the winter sunshine.

The whole unit has been purpose built by a company in Wales called Kingdom Forest Products, they specialise in building Catteries, Kennels and Averies. They built our cattery to the spec which the architect drawings stated. It took 4 months to build and the owner of Kingdom Forest himself drove up from Wales and constructed the Cattery with the help of his colleague.

The whole construction has been built to a very high standard so you can have peace of mind that your cat will be kept nice and cosy with the added bonus of being able to enjoy some fresh air whenever he/she pleases.